Fulcrum is a pioneer in making low-carbon, low-cost, transportation fuels from one of our nation’s most abundant resources – household garbage.

The Fulcrum process produces drop-in jet fuel and diesel that has a carbon footprint of less than 20 percent of fossil fuel. Because of our low-cost feedstock, Fulcrum fuel can be produced at a lower cost than fossil jet fuel and diesel.

Fulcrum is focusing on supplying the commercial and military aviation industries with our jet fuel, which has been tested, certified and approved for commercial and military aviation worldwide. Commercial aviation travel is expected to double over the next ten years and the aviation industry has committed to reduce carbon emissions per passenger mile by 50 percent by 2050. Fulcrum fuel, with lower carbon content and competitive pricing with fossil jet fuel, is in high demand by both civilian and military sectors.

Fulcrum has attracted investment and commercial partners United Airlines, Cathay Pacific, the US Navy and Air Force and BP to help accelerate Fulcrum’s delivery of this fuel to the market.