Emerging Fuels Technology

Emerging Fuels Technology, Inc. (EFT) is a technology company focused on the development and implementation of Fischer-Tropsch (FT) technologies for producing valuable synthetic fuels and chemicals from synthesis gas. The company is an authority on FT and related synthesis and complementary hydrogenation reactions.

Fulcrum and EFT have entered into long-term agreements granting Fulcrum the right to use EFT’s catalyst in the Sierra BioFuels Plant. EFT is also working closely with Fulcrum providing technical services and assisting Fulcrum in the design and operation of the FT portion of the plant.

EFT has worked on gas-to-liquids, biomass-to-liquids and coal-to-liquids projects around the world. Its offerings include catalyst development, catalyst testing, analytical services, process development, process modeling, product development, process scale-up, engineering and design, technology evaluations and consulting services.