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air%20bp%20colour%20logo%20-%20light%20background-2-cropped BP Announces $30 Million Investment in Fulcrum BioEnergy
On November 7, 2016, BP and Fulcrum announced a new strategic partnership that includes a $30 million investment by BP in Fulcrum, a ten year 500 million gallon jet fuel supply agreement with Air BP and an arrangement for Air BP to provide Fulcrum with fuel supply and logistics services.


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 shutterstock_84862171 Global Airlines Reach Accord for Major Carbon Reductions
On October 6, 2016, the assembly of International Civil Aviation Organization approved a historic agreement to cap aviation greenhouse emissions after 2020. Read more about the milestone strategy here…International Civil Aviation Organization

International Air Transport Association

Aviation International News

N. NevBusiness Weekly1 Fulcrum Works to Convert Trash Into Biofuel
The Northern Nevada Business Weekly reports on Fulcrum’s progress with its first waste to fuels facility, Sierra BioFuels.Read the article here…
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US Navy

U.S. Navy’s Great Green Fleet Documentary by Biochannel.TV

Fulcrum’s CEO and President Jim Macias was invited to observe one of the U.S. Navy’s Rim of the Pacific 2016 Exercises. Held every two years, RIMPAC is the world’s largest multi-nation naval exercise.  RIMPAC 2016 demonstrated the U.S. and a partner navy’s ability to integrate operations while powered on new generation biofuel blends.  The exercise was captured on Biochannel.TV’s documentary film,  Sustainable Fuel on Troubled Waters: The Inside Story of the Great Green Fleet.

Fulcrum is proud to be a partner with the U.S. Navy and the Great Green Fleet.

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EPA Takes Steps to Regulate Aircraft Greenhouse Gas Emissions

“Addressing pollution from aircraft is an important element of U.S. efforts to address climate change. Aircraft are the third largest contributor to GHG emissions in the U.S. transportation sector, and these emissions are expected to increase in the future,” said Janet McCabe, EPA’s acting assistant administrator for air and radiation.

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Law to Fight Global Warming in California Gets Strong Support

A new poll found that California voters strongly support the landmark state law adopted a decade ago to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and that voters favor expanding efforts to fight climate change.

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Cathay Pacific Takes Delivery of Biofuels

With the delivery of its first Airbus A350  last month, Cathay Pacific embarked on a biofuel test program in anticipation of regular commercial use in the coming years.

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Tesoro Launches Plan to Support Development of Renewable Biocrude for it Refineries

It was announced today that Fulcrum and Tesoro Corporation have entered into a strategic relationship that will enable Tesoro to purchase low-carbon renewable crude fuel from Fulcrum’s Sierra BioFuels Plant.  All of Fulcrum’s waste to fuels plants produce three valuable products; jet fuel, diesel fuel and low-carbon renewable syncrude.  The Sierra plant will produce syncrude when it enters operations in 2019, but will have the capacity in the future to produce jet fuel and diesel.  Fulcrum’s renewable syncrude fuel is very clean, contains zero sulfur and has only 20% of the carbon footprint as petroleum crude oil.  Fulcrum’s fuel will help Tesoro meet the federal and California low-carbon fuel requirements at competitive prices.

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Fulcrum BioEnergy Named Among Top 10 Innovative Companies by Lux Research

Lux Research profiled 1,189 emerging technology companies during 2015 and rated Fulcrum #6 among the top 10 that are positioned to make a significant impact in their field.

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 aviation biofuel

Aviation Biofuel Collaboration

The Port of Seattle, Boeing and Alaska Airlines are partnering to bring aviation biofuel to the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport.Read more at the links below:

Port of Seattle


Alaska Airlines



United Airlines and Fulcrum BioEnergy’s Strategic Partnership

See a sampling of the media coverage on United and Fulcrum’s historical strategic partnership at the links below:

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USA Today

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Vecoplan Awarded Contract to Build Fulcrum’s Feedstock Processing System

On July 1, 2015, Vecoplan announced the execution of a fixed-price contract with Fulcrum to design, engineer, install and commission a state-of-the-art municipal solid waste system for Fulcrum’s Sierra BioFuels Plant.

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United Airlines and Fulcrum BioEnergy Announce Historic Strategic Partnership

On June 30, 2015, United Airlines and Fulcrum announced a historic strategic partnership for the aviation and biofuels industries that includes a major investment in Fulcrum by United and an agreement that contemplates the joint development of up to five projects located near United’s hubs.

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Abengoa-logo Fulcrum BioEnergy Awards Engineering, Procurement and Construction Contract to Abengoa
On May 5, 2015, Fulcrum announced that it had awarded an engineering, procurement and construction contract to Abengoa for the construction of the Sierra BioFuels waste to transportation fuels plant. Abengoa will construct Sierra under the fixed-priced contract that also includes cost, schedule and plant performance guarantees.Read More…
Biofuels Digest 2015 Fulcrum BioEnergy 5-Minute Guide
Fulcrum BioEnergy has developed a “game-changing process for converting municipal solid waste that would otherwise be landfilled, into renewable transportation fuels including syncrude, jet fuel and diesel”. The company has successfully proven and demonstrated this process for converting MSW to fuels utilizing its proprietary, innovative, clean and efficient thermochemical process. Fulcrum has secured long-term, fixed-cost MSW feedstock agreements with two waste services partners and has entered into fuel and product offtake agreements with Cathay Pacific Airways and a large oil refining company.Read More…
Fulcrum BioEnergy, the Navy and Cathay Pacific Awarded Partnership of the Year
Fulcrum BioEnergy’s U.S. Department of Defense Grant and Strategic Investment deal with Cathay Pacific earns it Biofuels Digest’s 2015 Advanced Bioeconomy Partnership of the Year.Read More…
How Does Lower Oil Prices Impact Fulcrum BioEnergy’s Business?
Fulcrum BioEnergy’s business model is designed to handle short and long term volatile oil markets. Fulcrum’s fixed, low cost of production allows its plants to be cash flow positive with oil below $30 per barrel, provide good returns with oil at $50 per barrel and extremely attractive returns with oil at $80 per barrel.
Fulcrum BioEnergy Awarded U.S. Department of Defense Grant
Fulcrum BioEnergy has been awarded a $70 million grant from the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD). The grant not only provides funding for Fulcrum’s first waste – to – fuels project, the Sierra BioFuels Plant, it also accelarates a large development program of larger plants that Fulcrum will build at locations across North America with the annual capacity to produce hundreds of millions of gallons of renewable transportation fuels.The commitment by the DoD is a strong endorsement of Fulcrum’s innovative, low-cost process for the production of a domestic source of renewable transportation fuels.Read More…
Fulcrum BioEnergy Selected for USDA Loan Guarantee
Fulcrum BioEnergy’s first waste – to – fuels project, the Sierra BioFuels Plant, was selected by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) for a loan guarantee that will support a $105 million loan being provided by Bank of America Merrill Lynch. The loan guarantee was announced by USDA Secretary Vilsack at the Nevada Clean Energy Summit in Las Vegas on September 4, 2014. The project debt backed by the USDA loan guarantee coupled with other private funding from financial and strategic investors, fully funds the construction costs of the Sierra BioFuels Plant. USDA’s commitment provides a vital link in the financing of Fulcrum’s innovative fuel technology.Watch Video Clip…
Fulcrum BioEnergy and Cathay Pacific Announce Strategic Investment
On August 7, 2014, Fulcrum BioEnergy announced that it had entered into a strategic relationship with Cathay Pacific Airways, one of the world’s premier airlines. This transaction included two key components that add significant value to Fulcrum’s waste to renewable fuels program, including an equity investment in Fulcrum by Cathay Pacific and a long-term jet fuel supply agreement providing Cathay Pacific with low-carbon jet fuel from Fulcrum’s North American plants.Read More…
Fulcrum BioEnergy Completes 120-Day Integrated Demonstration Run of MSW to Fuel
In July 2014, Fulcrum BioEnergy completed a 120-day deomonstration run of its integrated proess to convert municipal solid waste to Fischer-Tropsch (FT) fuel products. The process demonstration unit located in Durham, North Carolina, has validated Fulcrum’s thermochemical process which combines gasification technology with a FT fuel process for the efficient, low-cost production of renewable transportation fuels including jet fuel and diesel.