Fulcrum has developed a global platform to produce renewable transportation fuels by building, owning and operating commercial MSW-to-fuel production plants. Our innovative business model combines our access to large volume, long-term MSW feedstock agreements with a proven thermochemical process to provide us with a significant competitive advantage over companies using alternative feedstocks such as corn and sugarcane.

Our first facility, the Sierra BioFuels Plant near Reno, Nevada, will be one of the nation’s first fully operational, commercial-scale MSW-to-renewable fuels production plants. Today we are advancing on a large development program which includes several plants that in total will produce more than 300 million gallons of transportation fuel each year. These future sites will be located at or near the source of the MSW feedstock that we currently have secured under long-term contracts.

Fulcrum’s plants will provide numerous social and environmental benefits. By providing a reliable source of renewable transportation fuels, our plants will help reduce communities’ dependence on petroleum and provide attractive alternatives to fossil fuels. In addition, our process does not compete with recycling programs available today. Fulcrum’s process uses MSW feedstock after it has been processed for conventional recyclables, such as cans, bottles, plastic containers, paper and cardboard, that would otherwise be landfilled.