Our Sierra BioFuels Plant is under construction outside of Reno, Nevada and when it begins operations in 2020, it will convert 175,000 tons of household garbage into 10.5 million gallons of fuel each year.

Phase One of Sierra, our Feedstock Processing Facility, is in operation and has the capacity to process more than 1,500 tons of raw household garbage each day and turn it into clean engineered feedstock. Here, waste diverted from the landfill is processed through waste processing equipment to prepare a MSW feedstock ready for conversion to fuel at the Sierra Biorefinery.

Phase Two of Sierra is underway with the construction of the Biorefinery where the MSW feedstock enters Fulcrum’s innovative process where it is gasified into a synthetic gas and converted to a liquid fuel using Fischer-Tropsch technology.

As construction continues on the Sierra Biorefinery, siting and development activities are underway for our next three projects in the US Midwest and West Coast. These future plants, which will be sited near large metropolitan areas, will each have the capacity to produce more than 30 million gallons of fuel annually.

Fulcrum’s Management team has extensive experience managing, financing, constructing and operating energy plants worldwide. This experience and success ensures that our low-cost, high value business model remains at the core of our future growth. As such, every Fulcrum project, including the first plant, Sierra BioFuels, will be constructed with:

• 100 percent secured feedstock
• Long term offtake agreement
• EPC contract that guarantees cost and plant performance
• An investment grade technology insurance wrap that guarantees plant performance