Our first project is the Sierra BioFuels Plant located in Storey County, Nevada, approximately 20 miles east of Reno. Once completed, Sierra is expected to process approximately 175,000 tons of MSW feedstock annually, creating 11 million gallons per year of renewable synthetic crude oil, or “syncrude,” that will be processed by Marathon Petroleum into transportation fuel.

Sierra is helping to stimulate economic growth in Northern Nevada with the creation of 500 construction jobs, 120 permanent jobs and approximately 1,000 indirect jobs.

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Sierra Feedstock Processing Facility (FPF)

The FPF is strategically located adjacent to Waste Management’s Lockwood Regional Landfill, one of the largest landfills in the Western U.S. The FPF is also within close proximity to the Sierra Biorefinery to maximize supply chain logistics and reduce transportation costs.

Sierra Biorefinery

The Sierra Biorefinery is where the prepared MSW feedstock produced at the FPF will be converted into a low-carbon syncrude. The syncrude product will then be transported to a Marathon Petroleum refinery to be further processed into transportation fuel. The Biorefinery, currently under construction, will begin operations in 2021.