We believe the key to a successful project is secured, low-cost feedstock. At Fulcrum, we have entered into agreements providing us long-term access to MSW feedstock totaling about 4% of the garbage landfilled annually in the United States and we are actively developing projects that will have the capacity to produce hundreds of millions of gallons of low-cost, low-carbon transportation fuel across North America.

Fulcrum’s Management team has extensive experience managing, financing, constructing and operating energy plants worldwide. This experience and success ensures that our low-cost, high value business model remains at the core of our future growth. As such, every Fulcrum project, including the first Sierra plant will be constructed with:

• 100 percent secured feedstock
• Long term offtake agreement
• EPC contract that guarantees cost and plant performance
• An investment grade technology insurance wrap that guarantees plant performance

Complementing Fulcrum’s management expertise, our strong partnerships with United Airlines, Cathay Pacific, BP and the US Navy and Air Force are helping to accelerate our development program and fuel delivery to the market.