Fulcrum’s business strategy of remaining flexible with our technology platform allows us to deploy the best available technology for each of our projects. We have successfully developed, demonstrated and proven our technology and process of converting municipal solid waste (MSW) into low-carbon transportation fuels utilizing novel technologies in an innovative, clean and efficient thermochemical process.

Our technology platform has reached the four most critical achievements of any technology: proven, efficient, scalable and flexible.

Proven: Our gasification and Fischer-Tropsch processes have been demonstrated and proven on an integrated basis at a scale consistent with what will be deployed on a commercial basis.

Efficient: We use the heat created by our process to generate electricity for the plant, not only lowering the cost of production, but also shrinking the carbon footprint of our fuels.

Scalable: Our technology is engineered to be modular and scalable to meet the needs of our markets, from a 10 million gallon per year plant to a 60 million gallon per year plant.

Flexible: Our multiple technology deployment strategy allows us to select the right technology for the feedstock, desired fuel product and size of each plant, ultimately optimizing the potential benefits and minimizing risk.